Digital photography in the dentist practice has a lot of advantages. It makes it possible to explain treatments to patients, to plan a treatment, to discus patients with colleagues or to communicate with a dental laboratory.


Making the choice to start with digital dental photography is easier said than done. Great dental pictures and portraits ask for a lot of photography knowledge about material and settings. In a constantly changing market with a new models every half year and unknown technical terms it is not easy to make the right choice.

Courses and Lectures

CRKBO accredited teacherBeing a CRKBO accredited teacher and writer of the first Dutch book about dental photography it is possible to book a lecture or a practical course in digital dental photography. Topics in the course are: what material to buy, which setting are needed, how to take the right pictures and image editing. It is easy to contact me by filling in the form

Intraoral Photography

"Reproducibility is the word"

Dental Photography

"Light, reflections, sharpness and the right lens will make the image"


"Sparkling eyes and a relaxed smile..."